I have to confess that I’m kind of a bookworm, but you will agree that the stuff I like to read, is fascinating. So, I’m a cool nerd. I know that people sometimes scoff at studying and qualifications, but you know what? Communication is really, in the end, a practical thing, and so are all the media. If you work in communication, you deal with human skills. You do communication, like you drive a car, or play cricket, or know how to dance.

So I invite you to have a look at my qualifications and membership – I feel confident that I know what I’m talking about (such as communication, the media, coaching, media literacy, creativity, translation, editing and proofreading, and writing). This has not only been my focus of interest for decades. I also earned my bread with communication and my current students are working with exciting topics. (For my resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.)

Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision – December 2017, Univ of Rhodes

SAFREA (South African Freelancer Association) – Full Membership 2015/17

SATI (South African Translator’s Institute) – Membership 2015/17

Gender Reconciliation Training as Facilitator – 2015/16

Enneagram Training – 2011

Coaching to Excellence Certificate – UCT Graduate School of Business, 2009

TEFL – University of the Free State, 2009 (Highest distinction)

Ph.D. Communication and Media Studies (Title: An exploration of media literacy in South Africa and a model for tertiary education), 2003 UFS

M.A. Communication and Media Studies [cum laude] (Title: Alternative media in South Africa with specific reference to posters of the ECC), 1987 UJ

B.A. Honours (Communication and Journalism) [cum laude], 1985 UJ

B.A. Communication Studies (Communication, Languages and Psychology), 1977 UFS

Psychology B.A. Honors modules:  Narrative psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychological Approaches and Treatments, 2002 UFS